Selva Cruda


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The Selva Cruda organic meal replacement is a fresh blend of creamy chocolate. The sweet and decadent delight is comparable to your childhood chocolate milk.  Because it’s a chuck full of monounsaturated fat plus protein it’s sustaining and a suitable stress reliever.  Since many athletes ward off post workout cramping with potassium this banana blend provides such a solution. Made from home made almond mylk, the raw almonds soak to perfection plus we add sweet dates.   In light of the raw cocoa you realize an antioxidant boost improving energy. It’s a protein meal in a bottle.    Hand made the raw almonds soak with sweet dates.   The Selva Cruda organic meal replacement ingredients are: almond, date, cocoa, vanilla, banana. The 16 ounce bottle is 280 calories. organic, vegan, dairy-free, Allergens tree-nut