mint nib chip


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The Mint Nib Chip organic meal replacement is a fresh green super food blend.  A veggie and raw chocolate minty delight comparable to chocolate mint chip ice cream. It’s consistency is acclaimed by chefs; however, athletes celebrate it for the high fiber and antioxidant properties.   Because kale prevents systemic inflammation its known as a powerful antioxidant. Since cashews contribute to radiant glowing skin and create hair sheen its a beautifying green blend. Hand made the raw cashews and sweet dates soak with peppermint.  The recipe is a healthy balance of fat types — 62% percent monounsaturated fat (MUFAs) and 18% considered relatively low amounts of polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) limiting your exposure to omega-6 and omega-3 imbalance.   The organic Mint Nib Chip meal replacement ingredients are:, cashew, date, kale, spinach, banana, cacao nibs, peppermint, vanilla.  The 16 ounce bottle is 460 calories. organic, vegan, dairy-free, Allergens tree-nut