j’ shore cold brew


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The J’Shore Cold Brew organic meal replacement is a fresh blend of VT cold brew coffee and bulk almonds. The caffeine delight satisfies a coffee creamy treat without the dairy.  Because it is fresh and handmade, this blend is a chuck full of monounsaturated fat, protein and coffee.  Since many busy professionals need a quick pick me up and prefer a meal instead of a seeping cup this brew provides such a solution. Exclusive to juice basin we soak raw almonds to perfection after which we add sweet dates.  In light of the raw coffee nibs, it is a blast of antioxidants to boost and improve energy.   The J’Shore Cold Brew organic meal replacement ingredients are: almond, date, VT coffee bean, and vanilla.  The 16- ounce bottle is 280 calories. organic, vegan, dairy-free, Allergens tree-nut