coco blu organic meal replacement


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The Coco Blu organic meal replacement is a tart fresh blend. This flavorful and tasty delight is comparable to a blueberry cream pie.  Again, another beauty industry preference since hydrating Thai baby coconut beautifies and plumps up the skin. Furthermore runners love it because of the electrolyte blast.  Since ions carry the electrical energy necessary for muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission it is therefore a perfect solution to keep you fresh and fit.  Because cashews calm the nerves, it contributes to radiant glowing skin and creates hair sheen.  It’s the perfect potion for life’s fast pace runway.   This meal replacement taste slightly sour since we smoother it with blueberries creating a palatable treat you will never want to be without. The organic Coco Blu meal replacement ingredients are: cashew, date, blueberry, Thai baby coconut, vanilla. The 16 ounce bottle is 320 calories. organic, vegan, dairy-free , Allergens tree-nut