Bridal Juice Cleanse


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6 juices a day @ 880 calories / day

The bridal cleanse is a favorite among experienced cleansers and those looking for significant calorie restriction prior to a big event.  bridal cleanse juice recipes are formulated to accelerate the detox process through limited caloric intake thus accelerating weight loss.  Consuming only six USDA organic juices per day totaling 880 calories, 151 carbohydrates and 87 grams of sugar per day is a quick solution to get your skinny on and glow.

The effects of consuming less calories per day helps us to refocus from our external world of busy life chatter into our internal self of self discipline and constraint.  The bridal cleanse clarifies our commitments and goals.  So take a moment out of your busy schedule, refocus on your self.  Make sure to drop into an exercise class daily.  Detoxing will help you to center on your vows or any monumental goal and commit to get it done.  Commit to self, Commit to love!

USDA Organic six unique juices total 18 bottles for three days or 30 for five days:

bridal cleanse calories carbs sugars
1 maid of honor 180 44 27
2 fitting day 180 48 35
3 cold feet warmer 30 7 1
4 rehearsal dinner 370 23 16
5 tie the knot (iodine allergy!) 110 26 6
6 honey moon heat 10 3 2
total 880 151 87
  1. Maid of Honor – burn on, strong digestive enzyme kicks elimination process into full swing, while oxygenating the blood pathways, restoring and energizing systems to health.  Strong b vitamin includes: beet, carrot, dandelion, grapefruit, apple
  2. Fitting Day – sweet yet light, stomach soother (cucumber, pineapple, green apple, lime).
  3. Cold Feet Warmer – warms you up, rids the joints of inflammation, and suppresses the appetite (lemon, grapefruit, ginger, RO H20 & cayenne).
  4. Rehearsal Dinner – delicious, smooth and creamy nut mylk of water soluble fats keeping the metabolism burning  yet satisfies the craving for something decadent and bad (cashew, date, spice)
  5. Tie the Knot – clean the skin and glow with a biter bite of fresh gut aloe, which pulls sugars out of the body  while serpentining the intestine wall to clean the cilia where materials and old food particles can get stuck (kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, aloe, e3-live fresh water algae IODINE allergy suffers beware, you should not consume algae as it can make you nausea)
  6. Honeymoon Heat – lower cholesterol and sooth the stomach with this light pink, tart refreshment (RO H20, hibiscus & watermelon)

New Jersey’s only USDA Organic certified juice cleanse created in the belief that if you Commit to Self you are more apt to Commit to Love.

juice fit for a fitting day celebration of anti inflammatory soothing pineapple and cucumber