our story

juice basin is Jersey’s first juice press company.  Always USDA organic certified produce.  We create small batches of hand pressed, hand mixed and hand bottled liquids.


juice basin founders: Regine Flimlin & Enrique Wegel at the opening of the 3rd juice basin store in the Historic Village at 336 2nd Street, Jersey City, NJ

We are connectors inspired by New Jersey’s audacious communities like Asbury Park, Jersey City and Montclair. Our staff is 20 strong. Together we are committed to local employment.  We are committed to supporting each other’s passions’ both inside and outside of work. We vibe with creative intelligence within the communities we serve.

We understand the science of juicing:

  • Cornell University educated in The Science of Juicing
  • Director of NYU’s Sports & Fitness degree programs
  • Masters in Engineering
  • Bachelors in Biology

We incorporate science into every step of intelligent and sanitary manufacturing principles.  These important criteria are used in juice basin recipe creation.  juice basin monitors all juice recipe pH levels.  juice basin controls both temperature within our facilities and refrigerated transportation outside our three locations.  We highly pressurized process (HPP) all of our juice products eliminating the chance that delicate immune systems including: pregnant women and children might experience discomfort.

We are Environmentalists:

Always USDA Organic, we act as stewards for the environment, supporting clean farming practices that safeguards field workers’ health. We only use USDA Organic certified ingredients and we create all the juice press extractions never purchasing FROZEN products nor utilizing a co-packer to do our work.  We don’t Flash Freeze, since “Freezing an enzyme slows the rate at which the enzyme operates”. Dr. A. Meijer article in “Histochemistry and Cell Biology.”  Since enzymes help cells to engage in necessary chemical reactions to wellness we don’t mess with them.

We surround our team with the best:

Our advisory board is comprised of: MD’s, Chiropractors,  PhD’s in Mental Health, Ayurvedic Educators, & RU professors and Business Consultants.

We are Accomplished:

  • 2017 BEST Chef
  • 2016 Leading Women Entrepreneur NJ
  • 2016 NJ Innovative Business
  • 2015-17 Wellness Ambassador Chair for WeForum Group
  • 2015 – 2012 BEST of New Jersey & BEST of Monmouth.
  • 2009 Founders of the Global Mala Jersey Shore