our story


juice basin was founded in 2010 by Regine “Reggie” Flimlin & Enrique Wegel under the roof of their downtown mecca, yoga basin/basin bar.  After much consideration, however, in our third year we closed yoga basin/basin bar and shifted our sole focus on juice basin products in response to the state’s growing need for daily juicing, raw meals and overall integrative health practices.

juice basin then relocated from the hustle and bustle of their downtown hub to the light-manufacturing strip of the city’s midtown area.  Sandwiched between main st and memorial drive (at the RR) lies a swath of land that is considered neither east nor west, but rather the heart of asbury park.  It is here that all feel welcomed, all feel safe. It is here at our fourth avenue location, that juice basin couldn’t be happier and continues to expand.  Developing new product offerings and statewide strategic partnerships, juice basin is sold at our 2nd juice boutique in montclair and satellite locations around the garden state.


juice basin founders Reggie Flimlin & Enrique Wegel


2015 is our “high five” year.  juice basin’s newest location, 631 bloomfield ave, montclair will have its official grand opening and launch on January 22, 2015.  Following, will be an expansion of our fourth avenue, asbury park retail/manufacturing site into the adjacent garage housing a café and larger seating for their growing customer base to easily plug in and sip.

What is Asbury Made?

Inspired by the history and beauty of asbury park, we equate the body, breath and mind connection of juice basin products with the local jersey shore rocker, surfer and yogi lifestyle and aesthetic.


In development, a youth wellness learning center is planned for statewide school groups affording our children a more comprehensive understanding of how to manage home grown fruits and vegetables and their importance in our daily consumption and lives.

what does juice basin do?

We craft delicious artisan organic cold-press juices, blended nut mylks, rich smoothies, raw foods and gourmet superfoods.

what makes juice basin different?

We are passionate about sharing plant-based healing methodologies, extending quality time for individual consultation, listening to our clients’ daily diets and lifestyle demands and creating solutions for their challenges.

We are foodies.  If it doesn’t taste good, we don’t make it.  We are a committed group of raw food chefs, doctoral students in nutrition, fitness gurus, studio trendsetters and gourmet food connoisseurs.   Our fiercest critic is our very own, Enrique Wegel, aka juice basin’s “grand master juicer.”  Hailing from the world renowned “Lecheria la Merced,” his family owned gourmet food business in Lima, Peru. Nothing goes to recipe without his gold seal of approval.

Creating positive energy in every aspect of life motivates us. We believe that juice tastes best when employees and customers are happy.  We are mindful of energy transference and “keeping it positive.”  Honestly, pressing juice is hard work, but delivering quality, fresh, consistent recipes is our motivation and mantra.  Our signature yoga basin event poster of Bhagavan Das permanently resides over our juicing station to remind us daily of balance and appreciation. We then extend this to all of you through this work.

organic & locally sourced

juice basin thoughtfully sources the freshest, organic fruits, vegetables and superfoods from USDA certified suppliers, as well as connecting with local Jersey & NY state farms whenever possible for the best of seasonal availability.  At juice basin, we are committed to buying organic and all natural.  There are however, times when we have to source from other parts of the world, which do not hold the same measurements of USDA certified accountability and may occasionally hamper our standard.


We are not vegans or completely raw foodies since we offer bee pollen & raw honey in our smoothies and our chili and quinoa are cooked. But we do believe that we can all benefit from incorporating more vegetables and plant-based foods into our diet.  A plant-based diet is necessary for reducing inflammation and helping the body to thrive.

Each of us are unique and our diets reflect our lifestyles.  At juice basin we work to help you achieve your maximum health potential through our juice and cleanse recipes, raw food menus and individual integrative health consultations.

gluten free (gf)

Over the past 20 years, gf has risen from a notion many deemed eccentric to one of our nation’s standard diets.  We can now agree on the positive benefits of limiting gluten wheat as it’s become a proven fact that it causes inflammation and stress on the digestion.  At juice basin we dehydrate dense superfoods (almond, chia, hemp, flax and spirulina) instead of using high glycemic alternatives like potato and tapioca starch, which challenge digestion and immediately spike your insulin.  Our protein bite-size snacks are made only with nutrient powerhouse superfoods.  Our famous zucchini alfredo substitutes the pasta component with fresh organic mandolin vegetable strips.  Delicious!

dairy free

Similar to gluten, dairy causes inflammation. Since inflammation is one of the key roots of disease, we do not offer dairy products. We do, however, have creamy substitutes that are even more delicious and far more nutritious. One of juice basin’s most popular offerings is its real cashew nut mylk prepared with juice basin’s rawsome granola in a parfait, or on its own.  We soak, sprout, press and blend our calcium sources.

mostly raw

Raw foods are full of nutrients and alive with enzymes.  Over 95% of our menu is raw.  Our non-raw menu items are clearly marked.

juice basin products are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, mostly raw